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Anonymous said: What's your fav Josh movie?

Lucky Number Slevin. It has everything: interesting story, great acting, Josh Hartnett in a towel.


day thirteen: a movie that is a guilty pleasure

40 Days and 40 Nights / Michael Lehmann

Hahahaha this movie.  Can you tell I have an undying love for Josh Hartnett?  This movie is so terrible that it’s too cute to pass over.  I also just really dig Shannyn Sossamon.  I mean, c’mon all the roles she plays are so quirky and it suits her style really well.  She also gets cool point for being the previous drummer of Warpaint, tiiiight.  Overall, this movie is a good silly laugh and it doesn’t hurt to see Josh Hartnett as a super hot mess. 

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Animated gif: Slevin